A real professional, an expert and admirer of a torturer’s trade. They say he can wring the truth out of a tree stump. If you call him a sadist – he will deny, believing that every client has the right to expect not only a regulation uniform, but also the whole background ranging from an infernal snigger to a written warning “Caution! Hot!” on the searing irons. It’s because of his high ethical standards, the Torturer can’t allow Geralt out of the dungeon. This obvious clash of interests will surely find its bloody final. In his long career, the Torturer had to deal with both common criminals and famous personages. Because his clients are in a horizontal position, they talk a lot about themselves and he usually doesn’t listen to them, he likes comparing his work to the one done by a psychoanalyst. In his free time, the Torturer attends evening classes to further his professional skills and writes articles for a trade magazine The Dungeon Voice. His favourite band is Iron Maiden.

Guest Artist: CD Projekt RED