Despite his short penitentiary experience, the Prisoner has already owned up to many offences ranging from high treason to promiscuity. So far, his willing testimony did not make any difference in his situation, and even caused disapprobation of the Torturer who is accustomed to working with difficult cases.
The Prisoner is a conciliatory man, as the Torturer says: as good as gold. The violence is alien to him, or actually was until he found himself in the dungeon grabbed by the turmoil caused by non other than the witcher. Paradoxically, Geralt is his only hope now.
As the need arises, thanks to his acting technique, the Prisoner can impersonate a devious ingrate or an aggressive sociopath. However, his specialization is a fellow in deep water.
In private, the Prisoner keeps pigeons and makes up limericks. His favourite colour is blue.

Guest Artist: CD Projekt RED


Series: The Witcher