All of the Cubeecraft models are designed to fit on a standard 8.5x 11 (A4) sheet of paper! However they are uploaded at 150 dpi (so when they are printed they look nicer). The problem there is that all web graphics are displayed at 72 dpi – so to print from your browser or other application you may have to adjust some print settings.

  • Mozilla Firefox (PC) – If you are using Mozilla Firefox open the design in your browser and go to “print preview” in the drop down menu. Select “landscape” orientation and “Scale: shrink to fit” and voila! you are good to go!
  • Internet Explorer (PC) – If you are using Internet Explorer select “print with preview” from the drop down menu. Select landscape orientation then turn the headers and footers off. Then adjust the margins so the entire image is visible and you are ready to print.
If you are having trouble printing from your browser you may want to try saving the template and opening it in another program such as the following:

  • Windows Image and Fax Viewer (PC) – If you are using Windows Image and Fax viewer click the print icon. Click next on the “Welcome to print…” screen. make sure the design is checked and hit “Next”. Choose your printer and click “Next”. Make sure “Centered and rotated to fit” is selected and click “Next.” You’re all set!
  • Adobe Photoshop – If you have Adobe Photoshop open the design and choose “print with preview” from the drop down menu. Now click “page setup”. Choose “orientation: landscape” and click OK. You are ready to print!
  • Preview (Mac) – Open the design in “Preview”. From there go up to the drop down menu and select File>Print. Select the second option next to “rotate” to set as a landscape print and be sure that “center image” and “scale to fit” are checked. Then simply click Print and you should be golden.